Southern Star is fitted with 2 x SPHL (1 x Port and 1 x Starboard)

  • SPHLs are manufactured by Oceanwide with Hytec Life Support Equipment
  • Each SPHL can accommodate 15 Divers and 3 Crew
  • SPHLs are compliant with the latest IMCA and IMO requirements for Hyperbaric Evacuation
  • Testing & Certification of the SPHL will include testing compliance with IMCA C2 – Test of the SPHL Environment Control Systems.
  • Tasik is actively involved with the SPHL manufacturers regarding installation of Critical System Tracking and Monitoring (CSTM) recommended by OGP478 Guideline issued September 2014. Subject to development of suitable equipment being completed in time for it to be fitted into Tasik Toba it is intended for this to be fitted to both SPHLs.
  • SPHL Launch & Recovery is by SOLAS Compliant Hydraulically operated Lifeboat davit

Oceanwide SPHL


SPHL Chamber Interior (Interactive 360o)


[vrview img=http://www.tasiksubsea.com/wp-content/uploads/Pin3-Stbd-SPHL-DDC-interior.jpg]