Tasik Subsea is a privately owned company. Projects are individually financed through a combination of equity and bank debt.

Tasik Toba Subsea AS, the special purpose company owning Tasik Vessel No1, is managed by Pareto Business Management AS, a subsidiary of Pareto Project Finance (www.paretoprojectfinance.no/). Enquiries about the company can be made to:

Tasik Toba Subsea AS
c/o Pareto Business Management AS
E-mail:  trond.helge.tasket@paretosec.com
Phone:  +65 64 08 98 16

In addition, Pareto Project Finance has established a secondary-market for shares in Tasik Toba Subsea and any interest in buying/selling shares in the company can be directed to:

E-mail:  nicolai.Eitzen@pareto.no
Phone:  +47 22 01 58 26

For enquires into new and future projects contact Tasik Subsea directly here.