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About Us

Tasik Subsea was founded in Singapore in 2014 by marine and subsea industry veterans John Giddens and Mike Meade. The company has established offices in Singapore, Marshall Islands and Fuzhou, China.

Building on many years of experience, and a range of successful DP2 subsea operations vessels developed and built over the last 10 years for Hallin Marine, the founders of Tasik Subsea recognised a need for a vessel that could support a larger crane (at least 150 tonne SWL), deepwater operations (3000msw crane and ROV systems) as well as Saturation diving.

However it was essential that the vessel retained the cost efficient features of the previous vessels and through smart design, tight control and project management, be delivered at a reasonable price that the market can support for light construction and IRM / IRRM.

Tasik Subsea has worked with carefully selected Naval Architects and engineers to develop a specification and detailed design for a new class of subsea operations vessels that meets this requirement and we are pleased to introduce the first Tasik Subsea design – SOUTHERN STAR, formerly known as TASIK TOBA.