John Giddens, who built Hallin Marine into a global subsea services player after starting it from a container in his back garden, has re-entered the industry with the announcement of the build of a 105m subsea operations, diving and ROV support vessel.

The contract for the construction of the vessel, tentatively named ‘Tasik Toba,’ has been signed with Fujian Mawei Shipyard in China. The vessel’s design and specification has been carried out by Tasik Subsea, a company set up by Giddens and long-time vessel collaborator Mike Meade.

The Tasik Toba will be DP3 and have a 300metre rated saturation diving system, hangar facilities for two deep water ROVs, a 150 tonne safe working load active heave compensated crane with 3000metre working depth, and accommodation for 120 men.

Giddens, (53) is known throughout the subsea industry for founding Hallin Marine from his Singapore home and building the business into the successful owner and operator of subsea service vessels with global offices. Hallin was sold to the US based Superior Energy Inc in 2010 for more than £100 million.

Industry insiders have wondered if Giddens would re-emerge in the industry. Tasik, which is based in Singapore, looks like an exciting new development that will allow Giddens and Meade (53) to combine their undoubted experience.

The new ship is designed to meet the demands of the highest specifications in the industry, but be delivered at reasonable cost. TASIK Managing Director, John Giddens, said: “We have spent considerable time and effort in the development of this vessel finding innovative ways to deliver maximum technical capabilities.

‘It will meet and exceed the quality and safety expectations of the most demanding clients at a reasonable price to the end user. We believe we have managed to achieve that with a clever design team and innovative ideas without cutting corners”

Fujian Mawei Shipyard is one of the leading and is the oldest shipyard in China. It was chosen for this technically advanced vessel as a result of its track record in successfully building sophisticated DP3 vessels, the high quality of its workmanship and its history of on time delivery.



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